DMR + analogue conventional radio

Robust and reliable, this handheld digital radio offers a simple communication solution with in-built RFID reader. When used with Hytera Patrol System and tags (optional), the radio delivers an ideal asset tracking solution for users in the security or service industries

No license for use of all narrowband 80 CB channels including 16 repeater channels. When CB channel mode is enabled, it still allows 176 channels to be programmed. When CB channel mode disabled, it supports 256 programmable channels.

PD462 is capable of ensuring you superior voice in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area.

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en_PD462A_brochure_AU_20160921*  Customizable patrol feature for property management, perfectly combining patrol and wireless communication
*  Professional design, easy to operate
*  Double efficiency empowered by DMR dual-timeslot communication
*  Digital voice, clear and crisp
*  Longer standby time
*  Audio encryption guarantees communication security
*  Compatible with and auto-switch between digital and analog modes
*  Voice revive ability frees your hands
*  Terminal roaming eliminates area restriction
*  Military grade quality, stable and reliable