DMR Powerful Digital Mobile Radio

As a product built to the DMR standard,it is endowed with ergonomic design,all-round digital functions and remarkable quality.These features improve your management efficiency and enable you to be repsonsive to emergent efficiency. This series product is the ideal solution for in-vehicle or desktop communication requirements.

With many versatile voice and data services the Hytera MD782 digital mobile radio offers an intuitive user interface and remarkable build quality. Ideal for desktop or in vehicle installations, the MD782 delivers professional communication in a mobile unit.

Request the MD782(G) variant for GPS.






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*  User-friendly interface and keypad design

      – Large LCD color display, which enables reading in sunlight
*  compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP54 standards

*  Enlarge Communication Range

      – With 50W transmit power output and higher RX sensitivity
*  Versatile services and functions
*  Versatile voice calls
*  Scramble, basic encryption, and optional advanced encryption

*  Accessory Expansion

      – Support 3rd party to develop accessories expansion via front and rear port of the mobile
*  Built-in GPS (optional as per delivery)
*  Roaming function (optional)

*  Support Option Board Interface

      – Allow 3rd party partner to develop various applications

*  Full Duplex Call Optional(Only for U1 Band)

      – Can make full duplex calls with full duplex portable radios, telephones or cell phones in DMO or RMO mode

*  Single Frequency Repeater Mode (Optional)

      – Use one slot to receive voice and data, and forwards them on another slot, extending the communication range in DMO mode
*  Back To Back Solution
*  Remote Control Head
*  Support XPT pseudo trunking
*  Support DMR digital trunking