DMR Professional Digital Radio

As a new generation digital trunking radio, it uses top-notch digital noise-cancelling technologies, which ensures clear and crisp voice quality even in noisy environments. It features full duplex call for bi-directional communication between radios. The built-in BT 4.0 module exhibits lower power consumption, faster transmit rate, and more wireless connection function. You can separately order smart battery and corresponding charger, with which the charging time is reduced to half. It supports call recording and local information inquiry over conventional network, facilitating backtrace of call processing method. With its GJB-and-MIL-certified feature and IP68 protection, the radio is fully accommodate to various harsh conditions.

Professional and versatile, the Hytera PD982 is the ultimate handheld digital radio. Offering a range of advanced features and an exceptional audio experience, the PD982 can be utilised in all manner of working environments, playing an integral role in your communication network.

Request the PD982(G) variant for GPS and Man Down.







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*  Full duplex call provides brand new experiences
*  Use completely new noise-cancelling technology, which guarantees voice quality in noisy environments
*  2.5 W high power audio output makes the voice more crisp
*  Relay transmission enlarges coverage area
*  Rapid charging for prompt access to operation state
*  Ultra-long standby time for nearly 20 hours
*  Built-in BT 4.0 module for efficient and convenient application
*  IP68 protection against water and dust for harsh environments
*  RF- and GPS-integrated antenna guarantees superb positioning performance
*  Smart battery is available
*  Recording feature through TF card (optional)
*  Support option boards
*  Support roaming(STD),Bluetooth 4.0(charged), advanced encryption(charged)
*  Support XPT pseudo trunking
*  Support DMR digital trunking