Professional DMR repeater for large radio networks

The Hytera RD982S is an impressive digital systems repeater. Supporting conventional analogue and digital modes, it can also be used in DMR trunked radio systems (Tier III), and with up to 50W power is responsible for delivering excellent coverage in DMR simulcast and Hytera XPT systems.







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100% continuous duty cycle from 5W to 50W*
136-174MHz, 400-470MHz, 450-520MHz
Up to16 channels
Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode
Auto detection between analogue mode and digital modes
IP site connect (digital mode only)
Four programmable keys to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
Advanced heat sink design with thermal-controlled cooling fan helps ensure durative operation of long time
Supporting built in duplexer with hytera duplexer intallation kit
Supporting operation in analogue and digital mode
Repeater Diagnostic and control (RDAC)
External power supply (not included 13.6V DC power supply)
Power on user logo programming
Multi-language menu display
Multiple CTCSS/CDCSS in analogue and mixed channel
Supports XPT digital trunking (RD982S)
Capable to upgrade as:( RD982S)
DMR Simulcast transeiver
DMR Trunking Lite transceiver